Probation (criminal and traffic)


Individuals determined to be guilty of either a criminal or traffic offense and sentenced to a period of probation are placed under the supervision of the Advocate Program. Individuals placed on probation are required to comply with general conditions which may be attendance at one of the educational groups the program offers, as well as any special conditions imposed by the sentencing Judge.

The Advocate Program is responsible for monitoring probationerís compliance and notifying the sentencing Judge of any violations of probation.

Course Description

The Advocate Program, Inc. incorporates a cognitive behavioral curriculum in all of its psychoeducational groups. Correctional research is clear that the cognitive behavioral approach, as opposed to any other methodology, has the widest level of successful outcomes. Each participant will be given an interactive workbook developed by the Change Companies. The US Government is currently using similar workbooks in all of their residential programs. Groups are available in English, Spanish and certain groups in Creole. Some groups are available in an accelerated format.

In addition, role playing, small group discussions and problem solving exercises are used in all of the groups. We also have an extensive supply of research materials, handouts and video presentations.

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